What is a Steel Band?

steel drumIf you have an event coming up, especially one you think of as being in hot weather and even tropical outdoor settings, you might fancy a Caribbean flavor to your occasion? Discover all that you have to about Steel Bands here where we talk about their origins from the Caribbean and amazing sound.

Steel drum groups regularly comprise of only a modest bunch of players, however the sound they deliver is exceptionally big and surprisingly detailed for such a small group of players. For cozy spaces and little rooms, a steel pair or trio provide great sound for weddings, gatherings, grills, garden parties and more and are an interesting talking point.

The unmistakable sound of a steel drum is down to the really weird instrument that all of the individuals play, made out of steel. Initially from the tropical caribbean, the instrument is otherwise called a steel drum, as the instrument was first invented and produced using a big oil drum! Sheet metal is beaten into tuned shapes able to play a specific note and thus, the weird, percussive but very enjoyable sound can be made and enjoyed by people everywhere.

The great thing about these bands is that they are pretty flexible and can be added to bass players or other percussionists in order to create new and interesting variations and sounds and make the band better for big events and even fairs and festivals. Everyone will enjoy the caribbean twist that the tinny sound gives to a piece of music and they can even play your favorite chart hits.

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