My Favorite Xbox Games

pic1svgA bit of a fun post today as I’m talking about one of my loves, Xbox! I love to play on my xbox one whenever I get the chance. I’ve even started to look at some reviews of capture cards on to see whether buying one of the best capture cards is an option for me and I should start sharing videos of my gameplay.

GTA V – I remember when GTA was a top down game and the graphics left a lot to be desired. The detail in this and the way you can play it online and even start your own businesses can be really immersive and it is one of the most amazing ways to sit and while away a few hours on a game.

Fifa – I’m a massive soccer fan so playing Fifa is a must! I love to play on ultimate team and play online with a team I have built out of players, it is tough to get your team right but once you get players you’re proud of and start playing competitively it is a huge amount of fun.

Madden – leading a team to glory in the NFL is always great fun! The game just gets better each year and the graphics and even the career mode are truly amazing these days, you really feel like you’re running a franchise sometimes.

COD – this is a bit of a guilty pleasure but it gets the adrenaline going for me! I love the missions it sets and I don’t even always play online like a lot of players. That said, the community for playing online is huge and there is always something new to do!

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