How to Find a Band to Join

So many of us have been there! You’ve learned to play an instrument or perhaps you’ve just rekindled your interest, and of course you want some people to jam with! Whether you’re looking to play covers or fancy yourself as a maestro songwriter. It can be tough sometimes to find a band to join, if you’re not in the right place at the right time or spend a lot of time around musicians it can be difficult. We’ve looked at the ways you can find a band to get involved with.

Hang around rehearsal rooms – sometimes they’ve got places you can go and have a cup of tea, don’t be afraid to talk to people and there’s every chance you might find somewhere to join.

Be sure to look around the start of school terms, sometimes people are looking to replace band members who have left to go to a different school or university.

Put an advert out. This may not be as effective in newspapers as it once was but there’s still so much opportunity to find people through ads. A great way to do it is find local music based magazines or fanzines, which are popular around venues too.

Use music stores, these often have a great community and even notice boards where people know to advertise for new members and if they’re starting a new music project.

Online can be another great way, you can find messageboards full of people looking for bands to join, don’t be afraid to reach out on social networks such as twitter and facebook too.

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